Other countries

This page presents historical data on other countries (not listed to the left), mainly external links.


External links:

FXConverter - 164 Currency Converter
Presents daily exchange rates from 1990 onwards.

Global Financial Data
Presents historical financial data (eg exchange rates, stock prices and interest rates) for over 200 countries, some of the series back to the 17th century. The data is not free, and a personal subscription costs 8000 dollars. However, the description of the sources is free.

Global Price and Income History Group
Publishes historical data on prices and incomes for the period before 1950, for example, you prices in Chile 1631-1830 and Sydney 1850-1983.

IMF - World Economic Outlook Databases

International Institute of Social History (Prices and Wages)
Presents historical data on prices and wages for a number of countries, for example, wheat prices in Babylonia 385 BC - 61 BC.

Iran Virtual Library - Historical Statistics (Iran)

OECD publishes statistical data on the OECD countries. However, most data series don't cover the period before 1970.

Oxford Latin American Historical Database
Contains statistical series for a wide range of social and economic indicators for a number of Latin American countries, covering the period 1900-2000.

Pacific Exchange Rate Service
Presents exchange rates from 1948 onwards.

Penn World Tables
Presents data on population, GDP, GDP per capita, price levels, investment shares, consumption shares and savings for 168 countries covering the period 1950-2000. No data is presented for the period before 1950.

Portugese Economic Performance 1250-2000 (article) 

Political Database of the Americas
Historical data, eg on elections, in Americas.

Sources of Javanese Rice Prices

Statistical Yearbooks of the League of Nations
This page contains the Yearbook of the League of Nations 1926-1944.

United Nations (Statistical Databases)
Presents various data for countries of the world from the 1960s onwards.

Various Data of Asian Historical Statistics Project
Historical data on Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Cambodia.

World Bank (Quick query)
Very informative database. For the period 1960 onwards, you can get data for the countries of the world on, for example, interest rates, the number of tractors, arms export, cereal production, CO2 emissions, crime, electricity production, export, GDP, interest rates, literacy, mortality rate, patent applications, school enrollment, taxes and unemployment. It is also possible to get aggregated data for the world as a whole.

World Population, GDP and Per Capita GDP, 1-2001 AD (Angus Maddison)
Contains economic data on population, GDP and GDP per capita for a number of countries from 1 to 2001 AD for a number of countries within present borders.