This page presents historical data on Norway, mainly external links.


External links:


Historical Monetary Statistics (Norges bank)
Presents historical monetary statistics for Norway, for example, a consumer price index (back to 1516), house prices, GDP, money supply, interest rates, exchange rates and a stock exchange index.

Historical Statistics 1994 (Statistisk sentralbyrå)

Penn World Tables
Presents data on population, GDP, GDP per capita, price levels, investment shares, consumption shares and savings for 168 countries, including Norway, covering the period 1950-2000. No data is presented for the period before 1950.

Statistisk sentralbyrå (Statistics Norway)

The Norwegian Historical Data Centre

World Population, GDP and Per Capita GDP, 1-2001 AD (Angus Maddison)
Contains economic data on population, GDP and GDP per capita for a number of countries from 1 to 2001 AD, including Norway within present borders. There are, however, more up to date data on the GDP of Norway produced by Norges bank (see link above).



Eitrheim, Ø., Klovland, J. T., and Zvigstad, J. F., 2004: Historical Monetary Statistics for Norway 1819-2003. Norges Bank; Oslo. Online at: http://www.norges-bank.no/stat/historiske_data/en/hms (051010). The book contains the following chapters:
  1 - Introduction
  2 - A historical perspective on monetary statistics in Norway
  3 - A consumer price index for Norway 1516-2003
  4 - Bond markets and bond yields in Norway 1820-2003
  5 - Monetary aggregates in Norway 1819-2003
  6 - The gross domestic product for Norway 1830-2003
  7 - Historical exchange rate data 1819-2003
  8 - Historical stock price indices in Norway 1914-2001
  9 - House price indices for Norway 1819-2003
10 - Credit, banking and monetary developments in Norway 1819-2003